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Network And Cybersecurity


Our cybersecurity experts are always ready to handle your security. Using the most modern tools to tackle daily and illegal activities that targets your business. Illegal activities towards businesses is always on the rise and therefore we offer the most secure measures to secure your company systems as well as prevent future attacks. 

Project Development

With us as your IT-partner through a project we can ensure our dedication and efficiency in assessing, solving and developing the best IT-solutions for your business projects. Our team of experts are able to handle every IT-aspect that concerns your project and offering to continue supporting the project throughout time with out award-winning system based operating tools. Even after completion we will make sure you can support your project throughout the long-run.

Project Development

SEO / SEM Marketing

SEO/SEM Marketing

Need help to configure your online presence? We have the experience to utilise the most out of SEO / SEM marketing tactics and will work together with you to get the best results possible. Contact us today for a free consultancy meeting of how we can help you and your business exceed with SEO / SEM marketing.

Be Responsive, Take the next step.

In the modern day world of technology and the ever growing threat of cyber attacks, this is some of the small statistics showing how much you business might be liable and as well as how businesses as progressing into the future of technology. With Auroware as your IT-partner we want to make your business as securely as possible and as efficient as possible.


Is the average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses. Let us help you save that cost with Auroware as you IT-partner. Be safe, be prepared.

Source: Safeatlast


Of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average.

Source: Varonis


Of enterprise workloads will move to the cloud by the year 2020.

Source: Forbes


We like to make it easy



Evaluating your current IT-management and structure


Planning the next move

Together we will plan and strategically evaluate our plan for your business or project, making sure it will succeed.



Implementing the required and planned systems for your business will be efficiently and securely done through our team of experts giving you the time to focus on other important tasks.

Working with you throughout the journey


Modern day IT-solutions demand different strategies, technologies and working hours and therefore we at Auroware will need to assess and evaluate your business needs to accurately give you an estimate on prices. However we are dedicated to answering your needs and speculations giving you the option to contact us to set up a free IT-consultancy meeting for an assessment of a product or your internal IT-solutions giving you all the options so you can take the right call. We focus on bringing digitalization at a reliable, efficient and easy cost giving you the opportunities to be the best in your market. Contact us today for a free assessment and IT-consultancy meeting.

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